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Jaivin Anzalota -

Routehappy provides display text for all Flight Amenities in 21 languages and 3 regional localizations. Seat pitch measurements are provided in centimeters for all countries except US.

Language Language code Region Max character count
Danish da (any) 44
Dutch nl (any) 40
English (USA) en US 30
English (Int’l) en (any) 30
Finnish fi (any) 49
French (Canada) fr CA 78
French (France) fr (any) 56
German de (any) 52
Greek el (any) 52
Indonesian id, in (any) 40
Italian it (any) 54
Japanese ja (any) 23
Korean ko (any) 21
Norwegian no (any) 39
Polish pl (any) 53
Portuguese (Brazil) pt BR 54
Portuguese (Europe) pt (any) 50
Russian ru (any) 60
Simplified Chinese zh (any) 18
Traditional Chinese zh HK, TW 21
Spanish (Spain) es ES 54
Spanish (Latin America) es (any) 49
Swedish sv (any) 55
Thai th (any) 50
Turkish tr (any) 41
Vietnamese vi (any) 56
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